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The origin of the EBI-DNS solver was the wish to include detailed chemistry as well as detailed molecular transport togeter in a single solver. So, the first version of the code was developed in 2012, and has been improved ever since.

It couples OpenFOAM® to the open-source library Cantera. This enables the use of Cantera's detailed model for diffusion coefficients. This also means that reaction mechanisms can be provided to the OpenFOAM® solver in Cantera's xml format.

The integration of chemical reaction rates is performed by Sundials CVODE solver, which is the only third-party dependency of the EBI-DNS solver. Compared to OpenFOAM's® own ODE solvers, this was found to speedup chemistry computation by a factor of ten, depending on the setup.

The documentation for the solver is provided in portable document format (PDF) in the code packet together with 2 cases to start with.



If you have a question about the project, please feel free to contact us at vbt-openfoam(∂)ebi.kit.edu !